Monday, November 24, 2008

this is the begining of a new chapter in my life... well maybe not the very begining... but pretty darn close anyway... i make it my pledge... to myself... not to my readers to try and blog everyday... i thought i would start with a list of things i'm going to try to accomplish today...
i woke up late to the sun streaming in on my face
i took the trash out
i found that ophelia had excaped during the wee morning hours through
the open window... and was meowing to be let in
i photographed some new pieces for
i cleaned up bits of felt and thread from the living room floor
i ate some left over mac and cheese
i emailed... played the feature seller game... and otherwise did
internetty things
i made a felt taco
more internetty things
i will take a shower
i will take a client to walmart
i will buy fabric for a rag doll commission
i will go to dinner with Carmen
i will make five pieces of bacon
i will watch heros
i will go to bed early
its good to make goals for the day...

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