Wednesday, November 26, 2008

will the real ophelia please stand up?

she is the real brains behind the operation... she sits beside me most of the time that i work... and somehow she has removed the f3 key from my laptop... in fact... i'm fighting with her right now because she's making biscuts on my chest and i can't see around her to type...
i haven't created anything today... i slept late and then got up and worked at cleaning the house... but i didn't really make much of a dent in anything... i dyed a sweater that i have been wanting to dye for a long while... so i guess i accomplished something... i only had one client today... and then i fought the crowds at walmart so i could buy a new pair of kneesocks to make some arm warmers out of...
i've been feeling very odd the last few days... i'm enjoying the freedom of being on my own so much that i almost in a very small way... don't want things to change... and yet at the same time i want very much for my husband to be back in my life on a daily basis... it grieves me that i don't want to spend time with him right now... but i guess i should just be reveling in it for the time being...
i want to redecorate the apartment... or at the very least... organize my studio... i have to do this on a budget of nothing... so it will all have to be repurposed or thrift shop finds...
i'm trying to find out WHO i am... i thought i was one thing... but it seems that i morph into something else... i do this alot... i'm constantly changing who i am and what i want to be... and what i do... does that mean i don't truly know who i am??? ... or am i just one of those people who change with their mood and whim....
ten things i know to be true...
1) i love making lists
2) chai tea is one of my favorite things
3) although i love tv with a passion... i think my life was better without it
4) i am a romantic
5) God is the most important thing in my life
6) black looks best on me
7) i'm growing neater with my old age
8) blonde hair is not meant for me
9) i can go weeks without shaving my legs
10) i'm one of the most random people i know
tomorrow is thanksgiving... and i have a lot to be thankful for... even with the trials and pain of the last few months... even through the tears... i am thankful for my husband... i am thankful for this life... i am thankful

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